This is my story…

As a homeschooling mother of two teenagers living in a foreign country, I was in dire need of a book to help me navigate a solid educational course for my children, regardless of our present and ever-changing circumstances.

I couldn't find such a book.

So I wrote it.

The Dog Ate My Experiment!

A guidebook for international homeschooling parents to help them and their children survive and thrive in a brave, new world.



This book is not wedded to any one culture or religious group. Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Atheist, you’ll find enough information to help you chart a way forward for you and your homeschooling child.


I am an experienced business owner and trainer/teacher with several degrees and more than thirty years’ experience in navigating the business world. I bring my commercial skills and focus to the topic of homeschooling your child.


This book won’t tell you how to set and mark assignments. It won’t provide sample exams or colourful pull-outs. What it will tell you is how to prepare your teenager so you give them the best opportunity available to progress to tertiary education.

Homeschooling has dominated the United States, but is becoming an ever more popular choice for expat families and parents in other countries who may be dissatisfied with the education system available to them.

The problem is, there is little information available on viable alternatives.

And this is compounded by age. Even within the USA, it’s difficult to find a guide on  how to homeschool teenagers. It’s much easier to hunt down worksheets on addition and subtraction rather than figure out how to evaluate tertiary institutions, much less how to get your child into one!

Well don’t worry, because THE DOG ATE MY EXPERIMENT! is here. It helps you to crystallise your objectives, assess options and think out of box so you can figure out where you want to go and how to get there, from a non-United States perspective.


The Dog Ate My Experiment!

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