Hi there and welcome to the website for the book, The Dog Ate My Experiment!. When I first sat down to write this book, I didn’t realise how big the task would become! The book itself took more than a year to write and then someone suggested that an accompanying journal would be a good idea. And then came the idea for a course! Yikes!

But let’s take things one at a time. You’re probably here because you’re a homeschooling parent, either with teenagers or children approaching their teenage years. You’re probably not┬áliving in the United States (a country that seems to have the most resources for homeschoolers) and you’re at a loss about what to do. I know exactly how you feel. Don’t despair, though, because I think I can help.

This site has been designed to introduce you to options. We have one ready to go, one about to launch, and another in the planning stages. What are these three options you ask? Here they are…

The original paperback book, The Dog Ate My Experiment! takes you through my seven-year journey preparing our two children for the rigours of tertiary study in STEM (Science, Technical, Engineering, Mathematics) fields.

In almost three hundred pages, you’ll find out what worked for us, what didn’t, and how to navigate through a bewildering number of options. You’ll learn how to think backwards in order to chart the best way forward, how to train your children to pass their exams, and how to decide which is the best educational institute for them to attend.

I draw on influences from corporate life, technical writing, college teaching, workplace training, and my own experiences as a mother and I’ll hopefully show you a viable path to follow if you wish to tackle the education of your child by yourself.

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What do you need when you want to put your child back into regular school for their A-levels (pre-U)? Or if a submission of some sort is part of an institute’s application process? Sure, you could dig out that beige folder with pieces of paper hanging out of them, or you could hunt up that two-ring binder jam-packed with overstuffed envelopes, but you know as well as I do that that’s still not all the important information you have.

Make life easier and fill in all the details in the Homeschooling Journal. Created specially for secondary and upper-secondary students, the Homeschooling Journal guides you through all the processes outlined in The Dog Ate My Experiment!…and then some!

As well as timetables, you’ll have space to enter details on planned extra-curricular activities, short courses, mandated government exams, curriculum packs, and costs, as well as important tools on crafting a mission statement, SWOT analyses, and even a scrapbook section. Everything you need in one hardback, professional product that you’ll be proud to present to a principal or departmental head. You and your child have worked hard to get this far, why not make sure your achievements are highlighted in as professional a manner as possible?

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Need some advice? A sounding board? More details on a particular section of the book? I’m available for one-on-one Skype consultations. Everything we discuss is completely confidential and geared towards your child’s success.

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