Sausage out of #surgery

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It’s a terrible thing when a member of the family falls ill, but doubly so when it’s a four-legged member. How do you tell them that they have to take it easy, that you know they’re in pain but it will subside, that you’ll do everything possible to make life easy for them while they convalesce?

Sausage had an abcess on her knee that antibiotics couldn’t knock out, resulting in day surgery. The vets were very good, cutting and stitching around the knee so that her joint didn’t flex the actual position of the stitches. Right now, as I type this, she’s in her bed next to the computer. As rambunctious as bull terriers are, she knows she’s supposed to take it easy, although I don’t expect that sensibility to last. In fact, anyone who’s had a bull terrier will understand that her first action after getting home was limping over to check out her food dish! For her first meal, she got a lightly scrambled egg with steak scraps. (We feed all our animals a raw diet.)

I also don’t like cones, so I made a stiff collar for her. It achieves the same result but is more manageable for her.

In other news, the website is live (or you wouldn’t be reading this!), but don’t be surprised if there are a few more tweaks implemented over the next couple of weeks.